Located in the Olympic Center, the Museum is only a few feet from the Herb Brooks Arena where the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” hockey game took place and the Jack Shea Arena, home of the first indoor Winter Olympic skating arena. Explore the history and heritage of winter sports in Lake Placid - the first winter resort in the United States - through artifacts, photographs, and videos and visit the Olympic Center where athletes continue to train and compete daily.

While moving through the exhibits, see cultural differences of each host country reflected through the unique designs of their medals, torches, posters and mascots.


Current Temporary Exhibit: NAME GAME - HISTORY OF WHITEFACE

The exhibit commemorates the 60th anniversary of Whiteface’s opening and is designed to highlight how the trail map reveals an interesting story that combines local heritage and culture, wildlife, and the trailblazers who dedicated themselves to the mountain.

WF Marble Map001.jpg



Quest for Speed - Installed in April 2015, the exhibit explores a speed skater’s quest for speed at the Olympic Games and what it takes to attain their goals.  With a timeline showcasing the design evolution of speed skating equipment, along with interactive activities, and graphic text panels, visitors will catch a glimpse into the mind of some of speed skating’s greatest.  Olympic athletes highlighted include: Charles Jewtraw; Jack Shea; Valentine Bialas; Jeanne Ashworth; Bonnie Blair; Apolo Ohno; and Eric Heiden.

Ski Jumping History - It is hard to imagine Lake Placid without thinking of skiing.  Our ski history began over a century ago, when the Lake Placid Club remained open for its first winter in 1904 - 1905.  Club leaders began to foster an enthusiasm for a variety of winter sports among its members, including skiing.  In those early years, skiing meant cross-country touring and ski jumping.  When the Club began constructing ski jump hills, no one could have pictured the world of ski jumping Lake Placid knows today.

Sonja Henie: Perfection on Ice- This permanent exhibit about Sonja Henie, one of the greatest figure skaters of all times, is the first of its kind in North America. Skating in the first Olympic Winter Games in 1924 at age eleven, Sonja finished last there, but in the next three Olympics she won three gold medals for Norway. Sonja’s passion for perfection changed the world of figure skating; she was the first to captivate an audience with her beauty, costumes, and athleticism.  She created a standard of excellence that has been passed on through generations of skaters and became a celebrity both on and off the ice while helping transform figure skating into an entertainment sport. By the time of her death in 1969, she’d built a multi-million dollar empire and helped pave the way for other figure skaters to enjoy lucrative careers.

Miracle on Ice – Relive the “Greatest Sports Moment” of the 20th century when watching original footage of the game and see equipment and other artifacts from the 1980 US Ice Hockey Team.

1932 Olympics – Learn how the Village of Lake Placid won the bid for the 1932 Olympics and see memorabilia from the Games, and the equipment used then by speed skaters, hockey players, and bobsledders. 

Museum Curling – Learn the strategy and history behind this unique Olympic event that started as a demonstration sport in 1932.  Here you can practice your skills against your friends.

Olympic and Parade Uniforms – See the emergence of brand names in the fashion industry in the 1980 Olympic uniforms, and see the uniforms that Lake Placid "hometown heroes" wore marching in the Opening ceremony parades. Lake Placid has sent at least one athlete to every Olympic Winter Games since 1924.

Sliding Sports – You can learn about the history of bobsled, skeleton, and luge and view a collection of sleds, photographs, and sliding sports equipment.