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The Lake Placid Olympic Museum is housed in the Olympic Center, the same building where Sonja Henie won Olympic gold in 1932 and the U.S. Hockey Team's Miracle on Ice took place in 1980. It overlooks the speedskating oval where Eric Heiden won his unprecedented five gold medals in 1980.

A year-round training and competition facility for athletes from around the world, come, explore - there's no telling who you might see.

Lake Placid Hall of Fame

The Lake Placid Hall of Fame, begun in 1983, has inducted more than a hundred individuals as well as the members of the 1948 U.S. Olympic Four-Man Bobsled Team and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. Permanent plaques commemorating each member are on display in the Olympic Center's Hall of Fame Room.

To be considered for membership into the hall of fame, individuals should be past or current residents of the Olympic Region or have some significant connection to the area. They must have made significant sports, cultural, or civic contributions to the Olympic Region or enhanced the historical heritage of the area. In addition to sports accomplishments, athletes must have made meaningful contributions to society, improving the quality of life or the fellowship of people in the Olympic Region.

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