To arrange a visit

If you are planning a field trip, we can work with your school group to create a unique program for your visit to the museum.  Advanced reservations are required.  Please email or call 518-302-5326 to speak with Alison Haas, Museum Director, for details on our programming. We are willing to help teachers with their curriculum needs. 

The Lake Placid Olympic Museum can also bring the museum to your classroom.  Some programs:

LPOM photo

LPOM photo

Object Detectives

Teaches students about material culture, history and storytelling.  Students look closely at a mystery object (a museum artifact) brought into the classroom and “read the object” for clues to find out key information that will help them find what the mystery object is. This can also help them learn how people and things have changed over the years.

Logo Designers

Students discuss Olympic posters and view a brief slideshow highlighting how artists create "branding" for the Olympic Games. Students create a personal logo using graphic design principles to create their own brand and make a wearable button or poster.

Read All About It!

Students learn about the role of photography in news stories and write their own headline and news story using photographs from the museum’s collection.

Students will be able to:
• visually analyze a photographic image.
• write a headline and a story to accompany an image chosen from a newspaper.

Paralympic Experience

Introduces students to the Paralympic Games and its history

Visually Impaired Athlete

Students will learn to use clear communication through speaking directions and commands to get through and obstacle course.

Paraplegic Athlete – Sit Skiing and Sled Hockey

Students are timed as they do a relay of an obstacle course through cones in the gymnasium using a special apparatus using only their arms to "paddle" themselves along. This gives them an idea of the challenges that can be faced by athletes with physical limitations.

Banner photo: LPOM